Technical Information

Overseas Visit

In February, we visited many plants in America. During these visits, our potential customers discussed some technical issues with us. They hoped we could provide more variety of measurement products. We also expressed our desire to cooperate with them in the future. As to some regular customers, they shared some information with us about the manufacturing and industry development.


Power Transmission and Control –International trade show for Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Sealings, Gears, Motors, Chains, Belts, Bearings and Springs. Industry leading companies and globally recognized manufacturers take part in this trade fair to showcase intelligent products and smart components, various machinery and system equipment. We have visited some companies in the same industry and learned more about the latest development of modern manufacturing.

Investment Casting Solution

We know there are many customers around the world purchasing metal products from Chinese suppliers, but few of them understand casting below. How their suppliers made those casting products? How many types of casting process the Chinese can choose from? What is different between them? Today, we like to share an insight of Chinese investment casting process (part 1) with you and hope you can leave a comment or question, so we can discuss it and help you to understand your supplier better. First of all, it is called Chinese style investment casting (L-W). It applied low-temperature-melted industrial waxes with water-glass. We believe there is no such method in the western world. The method is used to produce carbon steel parts such as valve body. Also, it is to replace another traditional casting solution – sand casting- which normally makes small objects. L-W normally produce part weights between 5kg – 100kg. Secondly, it is medium-temperature-melted …

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