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Investment Casting Process

Orifice fitting is used to hold the orifice plate to create different pressure in order to measure the flow rate. like most of the valve body, they are made by investment casting. because of the complex design, it is still a challenge for many metal casting factory. the following steps are what we ask our supplier and ourselves to follow.

  1. Design or reverse engineering(you bring the sample to ask for massive production)
  2. Molding (e.g 5% of the mold companies in China can be considered as our suppliers due to some critical features are very difficult, such as feature A).
  3. Casting (e.g 2% of the casting companies in China can be considered as our suppliers, the others don’t have the technology to handle the molten steel with less fluidity.)
    • Investment casting or precision casting or lost-wax casting
      • Chemical composition(spectral analysis),
      • Dimension
      • Visual inspection – MSS-SP 55
    • Heat treatment – (many manufacturers don’t even do this step)
    • Quality control
      • Mechanical property(Tensile Test& impact test)
      • Dimension
      • Surface defect
      • Inner defect(NDT)
      • Inner defect (DT)
        • Destructive test for the crucial area of the part
  4. Machining
  5. Hydraulic testing – API 598
  6. Inner defect(NDT) if necessary
  7. Inner defect (DT) if necessary
    • Destructive test for the crucial area of the part
  8. Assembly
  9. Packing & Shipping
orifice fitting Destructive testlost wax casting
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