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presure relief valve parts
safety valve and parts

Wan hui has many years experience of making safety relief valve parts including high pressure forged parts. we also accept special design like the following parts we made. Send us your special requirement to [email protected]

Repture Pin Valve Body - High pressure - Forged

Material:Carbon steel  – ASTM A105 – Forging 


Pressure 2,000psi~6,000psi

Repture Pin Valve Stem

Material: 17-4PH  


Pressure relief valve (PRV)- Assembly kit

Body: Carbon steel
Trims:stainless steel

Portable relief valve (PRV) - Body

Carbon steel forging Material: WCC ASTM A216 Size ≤NPS 3.0

Pilot valve body and parts

Investment casting Material: CF8M ASTM A351

Pressure relief valve (PRV) - Adjust screw

Material: Copper alloy / Stainless steel / Carbon steel zinc plated

Pressure relief valve (PRV) - Ring gear

Material: Copper alloy / Stainless steel​

Pressure relief valve (PRV) - seat frame

Material : Carbon steel zinc plated / stainless steel

Pressure relief valve (PRV) - disc & stem

Material: stainless steel 316 ASTM A479 / 17-4PH H900

Pressure relief valve (PRV) - valve sleeve

Investment casting Material: CF8M ASTM A351

Pressure relief valve (PRV) - valve cap / thread protector

Material: Carbon steel WCC / WCB ASME SA216 / Zinc plated

Pressure relief valve (PRV) - valve seat

Material:Stainless steel 316 ASTM A479