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Flow Conditioner Housing Introduction

During the use of meter run, there will inevitably be damage, blockage and debris accumulation in the pipeline. These factors will cause the flow profile in the pipeline to become worse, thus affecting the accuracy of fluid metering. Flow conditioner housing device or flow conditioner holder device can replace the regular flange-clamped flow conditioner and it operates on the same principle as the orifice fitting, available in single chamber and double chamber styles.

A specially designed flow conditioner can prevent bypass leakage. The flow conditioner designed specially can be replaced without disconnecting the pipeline, which makes regular inspection and maintenance of the flow conditioner became easy, saving time and cost.

  • Design:
    In compliance with ASME 16.34, ASME 16.5, API 14.3.2, AGA-3 and ISO-5167 latest editions. Dual and Single Chamber configurations available.
  • Sizes and ANSI Class:
    2” - 12” ANSI Class 150 through 2500, upstream: weld neck integral flange, downstream: weld neck integral flange or weld neck, custom configurations available upon request.
  • Body Material:
    Steel casting or forging ASME SA216 Gr WCB or WCC, ASME SA352 Gr LCC, ASME SA351 CF8 or CF8M, ASME SA217 Gr WC6 or WC9, ASME SA 105, custom carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel.
  • Bore Sizes:
    2”-12”Sch 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160 and custom sizes
  • Tap Connections:
    no drilled tap connections per AGA-3, or 2 and 4 each side available upon request.
  • Sealing Material:
    HNBR, NBR, Viton, exotic materials and gaskets available
  • Operating Temperature:
    standard at -20° to 100° F, or optional -40° to 1200° F
Flow Conditioner Housing

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