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Environmentally Friendly Air Delivery Spray Machine

In summer, odor diffusion, garbage dust, a large number of bacteria breeding, seriously affect the ecological environment.

In recent years, with the improvement of new technology, the disinfection and deodorization technology of garbage dump has developed rapidly. The whole process is fully automatic remote-control operation. This disinfection equipment is used in outdoor environment disinfection, garbage dump disinfection, disinfection of farms and foot-and-mouth disease, bird flu epidemic prevention areas. The use of air delivery spray machine effectively improves the ambient air. The air becomes cleaner and healthier. Because of its Low labor intensity, environmental protection, high efficiency, it receives the welcome from the relevant environmental protection departments.

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Mode Spray amount Spray power Pump pressure Pump power Wind speed Weight
QX500W-26/200L 12-36L/Min 0.55Kw 1.5-3.5MPa 1.5Kw 20m/s 120Kg/260Kg
QX2.2-26/200L 12-36L/Min 2.2Kw 1.5-3.5MPa 1.5Kw 20m/s 120Kg
QX2.2C-500L 12-36L/Min 2.2Kw 1.5-3.5MPa 1.5Kw 20m/s 300Kg
QX2.2C-26/2000L 12-36L/Min 2.2Kw 1.5-3.5MPa 1.5Kw 20m/s 1200Kg
QX7.5-40 40L/Min 7.5Kw 1.5-3.5MPa 4Kw 20m/s 200Kg/250Kg
QX7.5-80 40L/Min 7.5Kw 1.5-3.5MPa 5.5Kw 20m/s 300Kg
QX22-60 60-80L/Min 22Kw 1.5-3.5MPa 7.5Kw 20m/s 1200kg
QXTC22-60/2000L 120L/Min 22Kw 1.5-3.5MPa 7.5Kw 20m/s 2000Kg
QX22C-60 40-60L/Min 22Kw 1.5-3.5MPa 5.5Kw/7.5Kw 20m/s 1200Kg / 2300Kg
QX55-160 90-110L/Min 55Kw 1.5-3.5MPa 15Kw 20m/s 1700Kg
QX75-160 130L/Min 75Kw 1.5-3.5MPa 15Kw 20m/s 2500Kg
QX110-120 120L/Min 110Kw 1.5-3.5MPa 15Kw 20m/s 3000Kg

QX Air Delivery Spray Machine
WF YL Delivery Spray Machine

High Pressure Insecticide Spray Equipment

High pressure insecticide sprayer equipment is used with tractor. This machine has its own power with compact mechanical drive. It's easily to operate, and spray evenly. Tractor mounted insecticide sprayer is fully applicable in the large areas of farmland, green land and so on, demonstrate the superior efficiency.

Product application

  1. Shelter forest, fast-growing timber poplar forest, economic forest, green trees on both sides of highway, urban street trees and other tall trees pest control.
  2. Rapid killing of locusts and large areas of agriculture and forestry pest control
  3. Urban greening, garbage yard, large stadium and other outdoor areas of sterilization and deinsectization.

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Mode Mating power Vehicle on-board speed Spray amount Tank volume Weight
6HW-40 4kW/3600rpm 5-10Km/h 40-600L/h 200L/300L 300kg
6HW-50A 6.6kW/3600rpm 5-10Km/h 40-600L/h 400L 400kg
6HW-50I 12kW/3600rpm 5-10Km/h 80-600L/h 400L 450kg
6HW-80 22.4KW/3000rpm 10-15Km/h 200-1500L/h 1000L 1500kg
6HW-100 55KW/1500rpm 10-15Km/h 480-2600L/h 1000L/2000L 2400kg
6HW-140 120KW/1500rpm 10-15Km/h 650-4100L/h 4500L 5300kg

Product Message

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