Shanghai Wan Hui Machinery Co.,Ltd

Wan Hui supplies the single chamber orifice fitting parts & accessories to OEM manufacturers, measurement equipment and service companies, and valve distributors. Customers use Wan Hui to replace Daniel junior orifice fitting, The NUFLO model 5030 and other brands like Canalta because of the same quality but less cost.

Single Chamber Orifice Fitting - Series D

Features & Benefits:

-Field repairable
-Special trim available
-Pressure Ratings – 150# to 2500#
-Available sizes: 2″ to 6″
Orifice plate and seal are not included in all units


-Oil & Gas transmission
-Oil & Gas Pipeline
-Oil & Gas distribution
-Offshore Oil & Gas production i.e. FPSO’s
-Oil & Gas plants

Single Chamber Orifice Fitting - Series E & F

Because Series E has more accuracy, the customers like to use it in custody transfer in the gas and oil industry.Meanwhile, F series has the same accuracy as D series
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Single Chamber Orifice fitting – Body

Investment casting

Single Chamber Orifice fitting – Clamping bar & Screw

Clamping bar screw – Type 316 Stainless Steel

Clamping bar – Type 316 Stainless Steel or ANSI 1020 Carbon Steel ZP (zinc plated)

Single chamber 0rifice fitting – Plate carrier/ring holder & Sealing bar

Clamping bar:

Process: Plate

Size: 2”/3”/4”/6”


  • 316 Stainless Steel 
  • ANSI 1020 Carbon Steel ZP (zinc plated) 

Plate carrier / Ring holder:

Process: Investment casting

Size: 2”/3”/4”/6”


  • CF8M Stainless Steel 
  • ANSI 4140 Alloy Steel ZP (zinc plated) 

Type: Plain bore / Notched bore