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What is Special Machining?

WHM has developed a broad network of partners for precision machined components since 2006. We can provide various machining processes products at a fair price and quality. They are available in various materials such as steel, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, or any other exotic material. Most of castings, forgings, bars, plates, and pipes are machined to various components. As an experienced mechanical products supplier, WHM chooses the qualified plants with CNC or CNC center machines to attain complex components. With these computer-controlled equipment, manufacturers are able to increase production speed and accuracy.

Orifice fitting

As an orifice plate holding device, orifice fitting plays an important role in the flow measurement system. WHM’s single chamber and dual chamber orifice fitting parts are manufactured according to the API 14.3 and ISO 5167 requirements. They have experienced the market examination for many years by our US clients.

single chamber orifice fitting-Series D

Flow conditioner

Manufactured according to Standard ISO and API (AGA), the inner hole of the flow conditioner can attain a surface finish up to Ra 0.2µm. Your unique serial number can be etched on the side of every flow conditioner.

FCS=flow conditioner orifice style


Each thermowell is manufactured and polished (when required) with a surface finish of Ra 0.8 µm or even better. Your unique serial number can be etched on every threaded, flanged, weld thermowell.

Hydraulic fitting

WHM’s hydraulic fitting plant is a qualified supplier for some well-known companies. The production capacity exceeds 700,000 pcs every month. Fitting products are made based on American SAE, BS, DIN, JIS, and ISO standard and Parker, Eaton, BI standard.

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